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 Join a global group of modern, ambitious, 

premium service companies

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12 months to 3x your revenue,

or you keep our investment

MAFIAGENCY is a 12-month acceleration program, which aims to select the most promising agencies, to join our mafia, plus triple their turnover, or we do not take our promised shares

Who we are

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MAFIAGENCY is a program designed by The Secret company.

In 3 years, we have co-founded several bootstrapped startups (SaaS, Apps...)

whose cumulative annual recurring revenue (ARR) has just reached 20 million €.

In parallel, we started to create in-house service companies:

SEO Secret, My Name is Bond, Sparkmate, Safetin... 

The benefits of joining MAFIAGENCY

We thought MAFIAGENCY as an elite program,

to create a private club of top notch agency CEOs

#1 - SELECT the best agency CEOs, to create a mafia of premium founders, that help each other, share the latest best hacks, introduce themselve potential customers, employees and partners, pull each other up.

#2 - SKYROCKET these agencies in terms of turnover, thanks to our secrets in marketing, hiring, structuring, automation...

#3 - SUPPORT these agencies on the long run, because we are skin in the game and long term partners.

#4 - REMOVE THE MAXIMUM MENTAL LOAD by taking care of all the administrative, legal & accounting part, to allow these future CEOs to concentrate on their Art, their agency and their customers, without any distracting parasites.


#5 - SAVE PRECIOUS TIME: joining MAFIAGENCY means having entrepreneurs on your side who have done it before, who have sorted out the good from the bad, and who know the counterintuitive mistakes to avoid. Years of iterations and best practices, at your fingertips.

#6 - BENEFIT from a new powerful branding for your agency, as we know how to do, that will change your prospects' perception of your offer, and make your life easier forever.

#7 - UNFAIRLY ADVANTAGE our agency CEOs, by creating a mafia of agencies that pass clients back and forth to each other, share the latest tips on the market, and pull each other up.

Who are the agencies that join us

We're looking for the most ambitious agency founders.

And these who are naturaly pay-it-forward.

Examples of agencies we want to accelerate

We have identified a few types of agencies we would love to welcome in our mafia, and that we think we have what it takes to accelerate them in the best way possible.

 A Premium 3D design studio 

 A Web3 top talents collective 

 A one-stop shop to find your ideal virtual assistant 

 A managed marketplace of video editors 

 A crew of experts in user generated content for advertising 


How is our 12-month program designed

We have designed a premium remote program with offsites every 2 months to triple the revenue of modern, ambitious, high-quality agencies

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The Deal

After 3 years of iterations, we came up with a standard deal, in order to become the 3rd or 4th co-founder of these agencies that would join us.
A deal of equity + sharing revenue + partner pact that protects them and us, and assures them that we will bring value, i.e. we will literally change their dimension.

Cherries on the cake

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Each week, you will have the chance to attend a private 2-hour interview session with a star speaker:


 « How I raised funds with my agency » 

 « How I created a 90% automated agency » 

 « How I reached €10 million in turnover with my agency, without raising funds » 

 « How I created an incredible team culture inside my agency » 

 « How I sold my agency after only 2 years » 

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