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The cream of the crop, united, at your service.

We have built a (very) private club of modern, premium agencies & freelance collectives, 

that exchange best practices in terms of marketing techniques & process optimization,
with a single goal: Maximizing Customer Satisfaction

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 Google SEO 

 Social Media Automation 

 Linkedin Copywriting 

 Hardware prototyping 


Who we are

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MAFIAGENCY is the agencies (very) private club created by The Secret company.

In 3 years, we have co-founded several startups (SaaS, Apps, marketplaces...), 

whose cumulative annual recurring revenue (ARR) has reached 20 million €.

We started created these agencies because our startups needed to work with trusted service providers who were at the forefront of existing techniques on the market and whose objective was to satisfy their customers 1000%.

Today, we give you access to this unfair advantage.

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